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Hello! My name is Nora Lombard, and I am the President of this campaign! I was born in Denver, Colorado which means I am a native Coloradan! I am 15 years old and passionate about our country and making it the best it possibly can be! A little about me is that I am a gymnast for Ponderosa Gymnastics and I competed varsity my freshman year the whole year, this meaning I am commited to being the bestin all ways! I have always wondered why my parents have never really been happy with the government and that is because the government isn't fighting for what the people want while also being fair. Thats what the wonder woman campaign is fighting for, a fair and structured government. I am ready to fight for our country and to make it to its best potential!

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Isabelle Swehla

Date of Birth: 05/17/1983

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Education: Duke University, B.S. in Economics, Economics

Running Mates: Nora Lombard, Gianna Lombard, Haley Meyers

Political History: Throughout my college career I had interned at the city council in Durham, North Carolina, and eventually began working in the policy-making body and committee as a market analyst. After making a name for myself in the field, I was offered a job in the Office of Federal Financial Management and worked up to being the head of the department. I then entered the political scene with the party that my running mates and I founded, Wonder Woman, and represent our party as the vice president.

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Haley Meyers was born 1983 November 5th in Alaska. She later moved to Colorado in 1985 with her parents and her older sister. Haley had a stable childhood with her parents and sibling until they died in a car crash. She was put in foster care for a period of 16 years until she could prove to the court that she could take car of herself. Her education in Colorado began at a very young age in a highschool named Rocky Mountain highschool. After she graduated highschool she got a job interview that couldnt be passed up. She went to Washington DC for 2 years and took a job working for the government. She was a records clerk. She later got promoted to treasurer of the United States as she excelled in this job. After 5 years of working as treasure she then got promoted to press secretary and is now working hard to earn her way up to being president. In order to pursue her dreams of being a president she joined the (Group name). This will help her progress her journey into the governmental life.

I am Gianna Lombard, I was born 1989. I am Nora Lombard campaign manager. I wanted to be the campaign manger because i knew Nora would make a great president. I want to be on the winning side. As a kid i'd watch the news and listen to the elections. I wanted to be apart of something great. I want to be able to make a difference in the world and be apart of something meaning full.

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