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These are our views on these policies!


Abortion is an issue because we’re hurting lives that haven’t gotten a chance to make a difference. It should be considered murder. We don’t support abortion and it should be shut down. We consider this murder because your taking innocent lives without even considering that the fetus can feel something. When you look at abortion you see a problem fixed but we see a life taken. What we want to do is get ride of abortion we understand that getting rude if it can cause problems, as in young adults doing other things to get ride of their young. We want everyone to be safe and a solution is open up more adoption organizations so that when a women has a child she can easily give it up to a family who wants a kid. We believe woman have a choice to do what they want with their body but we disagree to murder.

Criminal Justice Reform-

One of our issues is Criminal Justice Reform. Some people believe that criminals should get better treatment in prisons than they do now. Many prisoners are being treated in-humanly and many people think that this should not happen. This party believes that we should continue the First Step Act that helps treat prisoners more humanly. We believe this because even though these people broke the law, they should still be treated like people. This will happen by giving prisoners sanitary napkins free of charge, and with good behavior, prisoners will be able to earn time credits to shorten their original sentence.

Gun Control-

Gun control is very controversial in this society. Some people think everyone should be given a gun, while others think that very few people should be given the right to have a gun. This party believes that anyone that wants to buy a gun, must first have a background check to see if they are responsible enough. If they pass the background check then they will be allowed to buy guns. We believe this because we think that people with good backgrounds should be allowed to have a gun.

Medical Marijuana-

Medical Marijuana should be made accessible to all patients that are in need. medical marijuana aids in treating anxiety and stress-related symptoms, providing general pain relief as well as being used to help treat a variety of severe diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, HIV, and various cancers. Some people oppose the use of marijuana because they claim that it is an addictive drug that can negatively affect a patient’s health. However, 85% of Americans, medical communities and Congress are in favor of the use of medical marijuana for such treatments because it is one of the safest prescribed drugs used to treat these conditions. We fully support the use of medical marijuana and plan to provide easy access to the proper dosage of medical marijuana for those in need in all 50 states.

Death Penalty-


The death penalty is a good way to serve justice. Many people are hurt when someone murders an innocent life. My group stands by the death penalty because we believe in justice. Murder is a big deal. When we get the justice we can start making the world better. We stand by this and will continue to believe in making things right.

Mandatory Community Service Day-

Preserving our country’s environmental health is a priority. We plan to implement a mandatory community service day for all citizens to come together to clean up their surrounding communities. Some argue that taking this issue to such a large extent is unnecessary as precautions are already in place. However, the current measures in place have proven to be insufficient in completing the task of maintaining an overall clean environment. Requiring all citizens to participate in this clean up instills a sense of ownership and responsibility in the citizenry. There will be exemptions for people over the handicap and people with no time to participate can contribute funds in order to support the effort as funds are needed for the supplies to clean up. We plan to introduce this policy in order to promote the general welfare of the nation’s environment.


Our party believes that everyone of age should be provided and offered medicare. Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States, begun in 1965 under the Social Security Administration and now administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Medicare provides health insurance coverage to individuals who are age 65 and over, under age 65 with certain disabilities, and individuals of all ages with ESRD. Medicaid provides medical benefits to groups of low-income people, some of whom may have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance. The wonder women party 

supports our elderly and we believe that they deserve to be supported for all of their needs in life, effortlessly, and in a good way, supported by the wonder women campaign.


Our party believes that we should decrease the taxes to the bare minimum needed to support the country. Tax increases on business and higher earners would inflict damage on the economy no matter how the revenue would be spent. The taxes are bad but all the better news for growth, if there is any, is in the spending proposals. Raising taxes doesn't only make us need to pay more but it makes the people who can't pay the taxes struggle more than they need to. I want taxes not to be an issue anymore, just something out of everyone to keep the country they love standing strong.

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